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Personal Alcohol Detector
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Power Source : 2 AAA Size Battery
Sensor type : MEMS Gas Sensor
Display Format : LCD Display
External Dimansion : 90 × 30 × 16.5mm
Weight: 43g

Power Source : 1 AAA Size Battery
Sensor type : MEMS Gas Sensor
Display Format : LED Display(5 colors)
External Dimansion : 57 x 34 x 13mm
Weight: 20g

Alcohol Breath Test
Auto Calibration by Power on
LED Indicator for 5 Levels of Blood Alcohol Concentration
(Green, Yellow, Orange, Red-bright, Red-dark)
Low Power Consumption
(1 Li Battery-LR2032: > 150 times)
Suitable for accessories or gift
(i.e. cell phone accessories)
External Dimansion : 43 x 25 x 85mm/ Weight : 10.5g
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  - The World First -MEMS Gas Sensors Adopted!
- User Calibration provides Higher Accuracy & Reliability!

  Fuel Cell gas sensor type : This type of sensor is mainly used in evidential devices for Police Dept.
This is professional device with higher cost accordingly(more than USD 1,000)
Semiconductor Gas Sensor type : It is sold in the market for general public use and police uses it to check whether a person's alcohol level is more than legal limit or not. This product has advantages of quick reaction speed and cheap price but its accuracy is not as accurate as Fuel Cell type. Our product is Semiconductor Gas Sensor type.
  When sensor is exposed to alcohol, electric resistance of the sensor drops. Using this principle, the concentration of alcohol is obtained by calculating the reduced electric resistance.

Ex) When electric resistance of a sensor is 10㏀ and the sensor is exposed to 0.05% alcohol, electric resistance of the sensor drops to 5㏀. This is stored in the memory of the sensor, and when the sensor measures unknown alcohol (from the person who had drinks), the sensor displays 0.05% if electric resistance of the sensor drops to 5㏀.
  As gas sensor is a kind of chemical sensor which is easily affected by humidity and temperature, tolerance is quite significant depending on season. Graph for the seasonal tolerance is as follows:

In the above figure, when the electric resistance of a sensor was affected by humidity and temperature and is changed (namely, in case the resistance was moved to ⓐ or ⓑ), existing Alcohol Detector should go back to factory for re-calibration. However, in reality, re-calibration of all the sensors in the factory is practically impossible and therefore people use the sensor as it is even though the sensor is wrong.
  Seju’s Alcohol Detector is equipped with calibration function in itself. When sensor electric resistance was moved to ⓐ or ⓑ in the above figure, the microcontroller of Seju’s Alcohol Detector detects the change in electric resistance and calculates the difference and the sensor displays accurate density.