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  Accuracy is very high as ultra-modern MEMS gas sensor was used with re-calibration function in it.

With simple one-touch operation and LCD screen, we can easily confirm the measured value even in a dark place.

Its design is small and quality looking and it is very handy to carry.

Measured value for alcohol is displayed in %, BAC or g/l unit on LCD screen.

Before and after measuring, beep sound signifies the measuring action to measuring person.

Battery lasts longer than other products.
  Power Source : 2 AAA Size Battery
Method : MEMS Gas Sensor
Display Format : LEDDisplay(Display with 13 step from 0.00% to 0.12%)
External Dimansion : 90 × 30 × 16.5mm
Weight : about 43g (Including Dry Cell )
Temperature in use : 0℃ ∼ 35℃
Storage temperature : 0℃ ∼ 70℃
Material : Main case - ABS resin
  Before using this product, please make sure that you do re-calibration.  
  1. Press CAL button under LCD screen for 1~2 seconds, then C,A,L1 is displayed screen, and then countdown from 5 to 0 starts again. When 0 is displayed on LCD screen, blow into the inhaler for 3~5 seconds within 2cm distance with the strength level like whistling on the street. (1st re-calibration)
2. After the 1st re-calibration, wait until LCD screen displays from 9 to 0 after displaying C,A,L2. In the course of displaying 9 to 0, LCD screen displays A,D,J (Adjustment) and then starts counting from 9 or 5 to 0 if alcohol sensor in the Alcohol Detector was not stabilized at that time.
3. If LCD screen displays 0, blow into the inhaler for more than 3 seconds with the strength like whistling (2nd re-calibration)
  In the case of using the value obtained after measuring 2~3 times, more accurate result will be obtained.