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  Detection of various gases such as LPG and high concentration of LNG

LPG-over 1/10 LEL
LNG(Methane)-over 1/5 LEL
*LEL: Lower Explosive Limit

When gas leakage is detected, the unit makes beep sound together with LED light and therefore we can prevent gas explosion accident.

EZ Gas Check is equipped with automatic calibration function.
  Power Source : 2AA Size Batteries
Sensor type : MEMS Gas Sensor
Display Format : 220 x 30mm
Weight : 84.5g(Include 2AA Batteries)
Display : LED Display, 3signals(Green, Yellow, Red)
Operating Time : Over 40 Hours

1 . Push the button, the main switch, which placed in the middle of gas detector, then the gas detector will be turned on with buzzer alarm.
2. Green, yellow, and red light blink at an interval of 0.5 seconds until the internal gas sensor stabilized. The light blinks in the order of green, yellow, red, yellow, and green.
3. If the gas sensor stabilized, green light is turned on with buzzer alarm. This means that the gas detector is ready for gas detecting.
4. Put the tip of gas detector to the suspicious places of gas leakage, when the detector is ready,
5. If gas detected, the detector displays yellow or red light with buzzer alarm. Yellow light is turned on when there is a little gas. And red light is turned on when there is a lot of gas.
6. Whenever user push the main switch, the gas detector is turned off.